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Tomato curry


I had decided that for my next visit to my native(Trivandrum), I would check into my grandma’s and mom’s combined recipe book for some recipes to steal! Our recipe book is an old diary with some of the pages having some recipes which over the years my grandma, aunties, mamma, and some of them me and my brother have written. Don’t get me wrong, me and my brother were not much into cooking unless it was to go into our mouth. So those recipes we copied down into the recipe book were because well it was our only chance to write with pen when we were only allowed to write with pencil in school!
So, this book was a medley of recipes handwritten from what my grandma and her kids found in magazines or on TV shows or what friends/relatives passed on.  We even had addresses stored in that diary! Good old days when we used to write down a letter and the address and post them. Sometimes I really miss those days! No offence technology is great, but its just that sometimes writing with your own hand gives a good vibe, if you know what I mean?! Do you?


You must be wondering I started talking about an old recipe book and ended up talking about handwritten letters! Sorry I just got carried away. So as I was telling you, I go this time with all the intention of getting this book and I find it sitting on my mom’s kitchen table. Pleased that I found it without taking any trouble, I thank my mom only to find out she had taken it out to dispose it, as it was all in bits and tatters. Her argument that everything can be found on the internet! Oh my heart almost sank to my feet to think if I had just missed it. Anyways, rest assured, I have dutifully scanned everything before any harm can be done. Come to think of it I would like to have my own recipe book which, maybe in the coming years, the next generation would be reading off from very proudly. It would be a legacy from my grandmother to the next generation! Gives me the chills J


Finally, I get into the recipe. So usually for weekday dinners we have chapatti and curry. And after breakfast and lunch preparations along with running after a toddler, sometimes even the thought of coming up with some curry is tiring let alone cooking it. Tomato curry is one such easy curry and I bet we all have tried different versions of it from the tomato fry to the “ketchup” sweet tomato curry. I have had my fair share and I have also tried coming up with my own recipe. To my surprise I find not one but 2 recipes for tomato curry, of which the very first one I tried, I am going to be sharing. It’s a simple no nonsense curry, which I downsized to serve 2-3 people. Also though the original recipe calls for tamarind, I have opted it out as for me the tanginess from tomatoes is sufficient. Long post.? Well its been long since I spoke with you guys and also I wanted to share this page out of my “life” book with you all. Onto the recipe.



Onion – 1 medium sliced

Tomatoes – 3 numbers cut into 8 pieces each

Green chilly – 3 numbers

Chilly powder – ½ tsp.

Salt – to taste

Water – 1.5 – 2 cups

Tamarind – size ½ of a gooseberry

To temper

Mustard seeds – ½ tsp

Small onion/ shallots – 3 sliced

Garlic – 4 crushed/minced

Red chilly – 2 broken

Curry leaves – 1 – 2 stalks

Maida – ½ tsp

Oil – 1 tbsp.


Heat oil and add all the ingredients for tempering except Maida. Sauté till the shallots are slightly browned. Then add the Maida and sauté it for a minute. Next add in the sliced onions with green chilly. Stir till the onions become soft. Next add in the tomatoes. Sauté till they start to slowly soften. Add in the red chili powder, salt and stir till its raw smell goes off. Add water and let the tomatoes cook down to your liking, and the gravy thicken. Switch off and serve immediately with roti!


  1. Sreelakshmi Unnithan

    April 13, 2017 at 5:53 pm

    adipoli 👌🏼! sure… gonna try it 😛

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