I had been craving prawns for sometime, so last weekend I managed to get my hands on some fresh prawns. Now once I had them in hand I had no idea about what way would I relish them. Should I make a biryani ? Hmm… no I wanted to just taste the prawns as such. Should I make a curry? Hmm.. no I don’t want to go fishing for my prawns in sea of gravy. Should I make a authentic Kerala styled dish or should I look abroad? I kept rummaging and ransacking.  My brother was home for the weekend and he was looking forward to the dish. I wanted something ultimate.

Obviously, I googled for some good prawn dishes and after many searches and re-searches, I finally felt at peace when I saw this recipe. I did a bit of tweaking of my own.

Serves : 2-3 people

Source :


For Sauce :

Mayonnaise : 1 tbsp heaped

Chilli sauce: 1.5 – 2tbsp ( I used the sauce you get with Mo-mos)

Honey – ½ – 1 tsp

Salt – to taste

For the coating:

Prawns : 500 gm cleaned and deveined

Egg whites – 2 or 1 whole egg

Cornflour – 5 tbsp

Baking powder – 1tsp

Salt – to taste

Crushed pepper – to taste


Garlic butter – ½ tbsp or any oil

Iceberg Lettuce – 2-3 wraps

Green Chilli – 1 sliced [ optional]

Spring onions – 1 sliced

Method :

Just whisk all the ingredients for the sauce and keep aside.  Heat oil in a deep vessel for frying. I would suggest to deep fry because personally I feel it soaks up less oil than shallow fry. Whisk the egg whites to a froth in one bowl (bowl1). Mix the flour, baking powder salt and pepper in an another bowl (bowl2). Now dip the prawns one by one first into bowl2, then into bowl1 and for a final coating into bowl2.

Then fry them in batches till you have got a nice set of crispy fried prawns. This looks yum on its own but control the urge to pop in one.

Meanwhile layer your lettuce iceberg into your serving bowl.  Heat the garlic butter and toss in the fried prawns. Add the sauce and give it a good mix till your prawns get coated well in the sauce. You can add little bit of water to loosen up the sauce and help in coating. Take it off the flame and serve it on top of the bed of lettuce. Garnish with sliced green chilli or spring onions

This dish is best served warm with a cup of rice or noodles.

Note : Try not to avoid the bed of lettuce because it gives beautiful taste and freshness aspect to the prawns. If you think your chilly sauce might be too spicy for you to handle, reduce the chilly sauce and add more mayonnaise.