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Poached eggs in a tomato gravy



Today is World Food day and I thought what better to post than my most favourite ingredient in the whole wide world, the humble egg. This recipe is Pinterest inspired (Eggs Pizzaiola ). I love eggs (I repeat, loooove), been a fan since I was a kid. My dad used to make these scrambled eggs of which the major chunk would go to my tummy. Be it the humble bull’s eye or the evergreen omelet, if there’s egg being cooked in the kitchen I want one egg for me too! **stuffing an omelet as I type this blog**

So new recipes for egg always get my attention. This recipe is quite easy as such, but if you want to make life simpler don’t chop them tomatoes, just blend them. You can also use canned tomatoes. There’s something so oddly comforting about dipping your bread, toasted or plain, into a bowl of hot rich tomato gravy and breaking into the yolk of that poached egg…YUM! I usually make it for breakfasts but there is no stopping you from having it for dinner. Oh did I mention its healthy too?! So here’s the recipe


Brown eggs – 3 (you can use any fresh eggs)
Garlic – 4-5 cloves (suit to your taste)
Green chilly – 2 (depending on how hot your chilly is)
Chicken/veg cube – ½ – 1 cube (according to taste)
Tomato – 3-4 medium chopped
Capsicum – ½ finely chopped
Dried herbs/Basil/Oregano – 1 tsp
Water – 3 -4 cups (in case using cube) else substitute with chicken/veg stock
Oil – 1.5 tbsp.
Salt – to taste
Pepper – to taste


In a pot, heat oil. Sauté garlic with green chilly and dried herbs. Once fragrant add in the finely chopped capsicum along with the chopped tomatoes. Cook it till the tomatoes become mushy and capsicum turns soft. If using blended tomatoes, first cook the tomatoes down then add the capsicum and cook till the capsicum becomes soft.
[Unlike my usual take on cooking capsicum, here I cook it till it becomes soft to get maximum flavor into the gravy].
Now add the stock/water. Let it come to a boil and reduce to a little thick consistency. Reduce the flame to a medium. Add in the eggs one by one. The trick here is to drop the eggs as close as possible and not from a height. You could even break the egg to a small bowl and then slide into the simmering gravy. Repeat for all the eggs. Cook the eggs covered for around 2 – 3 minutes (to get a runny yolk) or till the egg whites turn opaque. Switch off the flame and season the eggs with salt and pepper.
If you like the egg yolks to be cooked through, then cook them for 5 – 7minutes covered. Serve immediately with fresh or toasted whole wheat bread.

P.S. You could optionally add celery/ red onions to the gravy for a good flavor.
You could also garnish with chopped cilantro or any fresh herb of choice.


  1. Yum! Yum! In this cold weather this soup/gravy was heaven. I am not a fan of porched eggs so asked Sree to exclude egg for me. Still Loved it.

  2. Yea, This one came out really good.We enjoyed this with & w/o eggs … 👍🏼

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