img_20190531_120502This recipe is one of our Sunday lunch specials which my mamma made. I absolutely adore it and it is home to me! What I remember the most about this recipe is whenever mamma made it, we had many taste sessions, once when the chicken is boiled, den after the dish is made. Each time we cross the stove a tester piece is sampled, so that means many such kitchen entries.

This dish is so simple that anyone can do it, yes you!! It’s an easy bachelor/beginner/lazy/no chopping recipe. It serves great as a side dish for your rice and curry or as an appetizer for your party.


Chicken boneless/bone-in : 250gms

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Kashmiri chilli powder – 1 tsp.

Water – as required

Curry leaves – a handful (optional)

Oil – 1 tbsp

Salt – to taste


In a small kadhai, immerse the cleaned chicken in water. Season with salt. Cook till the chicken is perfectly cooked. Remove the chicken to a bowl and reserve the stock for soups or chicken rice. Shred the chicken with a fork or even your hands are good enough but be careful as the chicken is hot. Add oil to your kadhai( I used the same, saves up on cleaning). Add curry leaves to the oil, add in the chicken.  Give it a good stir and add the masalas. Season with salt but remain mindful of the salt we added in the water while boiling it. I would suggest you do a tester piece 😉 while shredding the chicken.


If you want the chicken to be more fried, add little oil and keep frying to your liking.  Serve hot with some steamed rice, rasam/pulisheri and some veggies on the side.