With Lent over my head, I knew I would reach this point eventually. Its much easier to be a vegetarian when its your mom cooking, and all you got to do is present yourself in front of the plate. I on the other hand, go into panic attack thinking of what veggies to make.Its not like I hate veggies, I love them, but its not often you see many exotic vegetarian dishes. I mean to say, you don’t get to see much of it in the restaurants around here.

Though I love our avial, thoran, kichidi, sambhar, pachidi, dals, saags, etc., there are times when you just crave for something more. [ For the unaware, all the dishes mentioned above are Indian vegetable side dishes]. I think in one of my previous post I did mention about my new-found love for the aubergines.So this is a new recipe where I have used the long little stout eggplants with a purple hue and green stalk. You can use Japanese eggplants as well or any eggplant of your choice.

I am sure your eyebrows are still raised at the “steak” in the name. Well, let me put you at ease. Its called a steak because of the shape its cut in, thin slab-like. And to all you brinjal – haters ( been there, done that 😉 ), you would be surprised by the easiness,flavor and meat-like quality this has. We had this for dinner and I served mine with a side of mashed potatoes, but you could serve this with pasta as well. Try it and do let me know how you liked it 🙂

The beauty of this dish is you can easily roast it in an oven or grill it or just roast it on a skillet.You can serve this for your weekday dinners or for unexpected guests, as it is easy to make without much of a prep time. Now, this is how you make the magic happen.

Serves : 2


Eggplant – 1( I could cut mine into 4 slabs vertically)

Olive oil

Salt – to taste

Dried basil/ herbs of choice – to taste

Red chilly flakes – to taste

Cilantro – a few sprigs for garnish


Depending on the brinjal you choose to make, cut it vertically, with the stalks intact. Remember stalks lots of flavor.  My stalks dint look so good so I had to remove them. Now score the flesh of the eggplant. Brush with olive oil ( in case your going to roast in oven, else ignore). Sprinkle salt, chilly flakes and herbs on both sides.

In case you are grilling it, just brush the oil with grill and place your eggplants on the grill. Flip once you find a nice light char on one side as well as the flesh has become soft. Repeat for the other side.

In case of skillet, lightly coat the dish with oil. ( Remember eggplants soak lot of oil, so we start with little oil). Place the eggplants and grill till charred and flip.

You know your eggplants are ready when it changes color from white to transparent with a little char.Transfer hot to a plate. Garnish with cilantro and dig in!

Note: With the eggplant I used, I got 4 slices. Depending on the thickness of the brinjal , you might need to administer more brinjals according to your needs.