I think it is becoming a trend that I have to start all my posts with an apology of delay and the whys! Well, am a mom now. So I am guessing all the moms out there know what I mean without me saying a word. Meals now consists of hurried up, thrown in together last minute and none of those elaborate or exotic meals. Its been quite a while since I baked particularly and in between my OTG gave up on me too 🙁

Anyways after what can be said quite a long time I got the OTG fixed and tried some recipes I had been waiting to try out. One such recipe is this eggless carrot and walnut cake. The cake is so moist with a crunch from the walnuts and the beautiful flavour of orange/lime zest, cinnamon powder. In this recipe, I used lime zest and skipped on the nutmeg powder simply because I didn’t have any on me, but the cake tasted wonderful all the same.

For the recipe please click here.

Hope you enjoy this one!