I actually thought of a big grand first post and recipe. I had it even drafted but I dint have any photos for it. I wanted to so badly  start the blog off so I figured ok ,make a new dish and click the pictures. I made this recipe recently, yesterday to be exact, clicked the pictures and ta…..da my first post. You have to excuse my pictures. I am just still figuring photography and I hope to get there some day. Ok on to the recipe, I learnt this recipe from my mom,she from her mom. But the right origin of this recipe are my aunts from Malaysia. They love cooking and share such beautiful recipes time to time. I am not sure if its a chinese or a malaysian dish but for all that it is, its super simple and its yummy.

So the recipe is simple with very few ingredients but I got experimental on it and tweaked it a bit to get it down to this one. For this recipe I used the curry cut chicken. You can easily substitute it with chicken breast as well. I find that sometimes chicken breast used in gravies don’t get any flavor of the masala and will seem like boiled chicken.So a thing I learnt is to tenderize the meat before using it.All you need to do is pound it with a rolling pin or your hand  for a good 5-10 mins, and then cut it into cubes and use it as per your recipe. I have used lemongrass in this recipe which gives a nice earthy flavor to the dish. I recommend using it unless there is no option for you to get it.

Serves : 4-5 people


Chicken – 500 gm washed and cleaned.

Green chilly – 4 numbers cut into halves or quarters

Garlic – 20 cloves ( sliced thinly)

Ginger – 1 inch piece

Garlic – 8 -10 cloves

Lemon grass – 2 stalks

Onion – 1 sliced into ¼ inch thick slices

Dark soy sauce – 4-5  tbsp

Oil- 1.5 tbsp

Green pepper – ½ a cup cubed

Pepper- to taste

Salt- to taste

Method :

Grind ginger, garlic cloves and lemon grass to a paste. Heat oil in a wok and toss in the sliced garlic. Saute it around till it becomes a nice crisp golden brown color. Add in the onions and green chilly and saute this for a 2-3 minutes.Into this add the ginger-garlic-lemongrass paste and saute. Now toss in your chicken and the soy sauce. You can add in a little bit of water to aid the chicken release its juices. Once the chicken is cooked and the water gone, toss in the green pepper. I always like my bell pepper to be crunchy so I toss it to the last so that it imparts its flavor but doesn’t get soggy. Before taking it off the heat, taste and season with salt accordingly. Give a toss and serve. Garnish with freshly crushed pepper. You can serve this along with a bowl of steamed rice, chicken rice or coconut rice. I will share my recipes for chicken rice and coconut rice in another post.

Note: You can also use a mix of dark and light soy sauces. But be advised of the salt content of light soy sauce. Dark soy is what gives this dish the soy flavor and the dark caramelized color.

9/5/2014 update : Thanks Chitra  for pointing out the error.