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Chicken breasts in coconut milk



There are times when you just want to indulge in good food or maybe something exotic to you. Sometimes you are just ready to eat those calories without counting them in. Its not necessary that you could only find this food in a restaurant, especially if you are on a budget. This can be something you can make for a romantic night with your date or while entertaining guests at home. This is an Indian twist to the classic grilled chicken breasts. The chicken can be pan fried or grilled in an oven.I loved the flavors, but for a spice kick I added some cayenne pepper to the sauce.

Serves : 4

Source: Mmmm… Curry


Onion – 1 small chopped

Green chilli – 1 chopped

Ginger – 1 inch piece chopped

Coriander powder– 2 tsp

Cumin powder – 1 tsp

Fennel seeds – 1 tsp

Ground star anise – 1 tsp

Cardamom pods – 1 tsp

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp

Black peppercorns – ½ tsp

Ground cloves – ½ tsp

Coconut milk[canned] – 600 ml

Chicken breasts – 4 skinless portions

vegetable oil

fresh coriander sprigs, to garnish


Make a paste of onion,chilli,coriander powder,cumin powder,fennel seeds,star anise, cardamom pods,turmeric,peppercorns,cloves and 450 ml of coconut milk.Add more coconut milk if necessary. Tenderize the chicken breast and cut some gashes in the chicken.Place it in a bowl, rub the coconut milk mixture on the chicken, especially into the gashes and cover with cling film. Leave it to marinate in a refrigerator for at least one hour or up to 8 hours.

Heat a griddle pan or skillet and brush lightly with oil. Add in the chicken breasts and cook for 6-7 minutes on each side or until tender.

Meanwhile, pour the remaining coconut milk mixture into a saucepan with the remaining coconut milk and bring it to a boil, stirring occasionally. Arrange the chicken on a serving dish and spoon the coconut sauce over it liberally and garnish with few coriander sprigs.

Serve hot with white rice, herbed rice or roti.

Note: – I made half the quantity and used whole spices like just a petal of the star anise instead of the powder. You can deseed the green chilli to avoid the spicy kick. I added little chilly powder while boiling the sauce just for a spice kick.




Tuna Fish caklets



Fish cakes is a more beautiful take on our Indian cutlet :). Why the caklets? Because I mixed the indian spices and uhm maybe I did some other tweaks to it too which aren’t so Indian. So, I love my non veg food but there are times when I eat like a mix of non veg for a day and decide to go veg the next day. On such occasions veg food, a respite as it might be, I end up craving something non veg. Have you ever felt so? Ah! Join the club.

On one such day, I was craving some non- veg and I hadn’t stocked up on any sort of protein. I remember the can of tuna fish I had bought whose fate awaited me. Not the tuna sandwich, not the fish masala or stir fry. I thought of mamma’s cutlets but since I was pressed for time I thought I will make fish cakes but with a small twist.


Canned tuna : 185 g

Onion – ½ finely chopped/ minced

Garlic – 2 tsp minced

Green chilly – 5-6 finely chopped

Crushed pepper – 1 tsp

Mozzarella cheese – 3 tbsp shredded

Dried mint leaves – 1 tsp

Garam masala – ½ tsp

Egg – 1

Salt – to taste

Oil – to fry


In a medium bowl break down your fish. [ I dint break it down too much, just bite sized]. Add in everything except the egg. Taste for salt and season accordingly. Add in the egg and mix it till everything is well combined. Now divide the mix according to your requirement [I got 4 big sized portions]. You can shape it as per your wish. Heat up some oil in a skillet. We don’t want to deep fry it, so just a little bit of oil to coat your skillet dish would be enough. Fry till golden brown on both sides and serve it warm.

It is good as it is but you can serve it with a sauce of your choice.

Note: I had to add 5-6 green chillies because the chilly wasn’t spicy enough. Ideally 2-3 green chillies should be enough. If you can take more spice, then add more accordingly.

You can optionally add breadcrumbs for a different texture.

Tip: Dried mint has a milder lemony flavor than the fresh mint but it has a more earthy taste. You could easily use fresh mint instead of the dried mint.


Cajun Spiced Broasted Chicken



Now, how many of you love KFC? Crazy fan?So am I.. My  first memory of KFC goes back to the days when I used to come to Bangalore for my summer vacation. KFC had just opened an outlet in Bangalore and we made it a point to visit KFC every time we came here like it was some sacred ritual! A bangalore trip would be incomplete without a KFC visit.

Over the years , this loyalty has always been there but I don’t frequent it now maybe because I am surrounded by umpteen KFC outlets. So recently my friend asked if I have ever made broasted chicken and I was actually surprised how come I never thought of making it.So I researched around but nothing struck me so I figured to make my own.

Cajun is a spice I fell in love with when I had tried cajun fries. Ever since I have been wanting to implement cajun somewhere in a recipe. Got my chance! 🙂 So this broasted chicken is all you want with the crispy exterior and juicy meat in the center. You can vary out the spices and try out a flavor that suits your style the best.

Serves : 2-3 people


Chicken legs – 450 gm

To marinate:

Chilly powder – 2 tsp

Crushed pepper – 1 tsp

Lime juice – ½ lime


Batter :

Bowl -1

Corn flour – 10 tbsp

Baking powder – 2.5 tsp

Salt – to taste

Crushed pepper – to taste

Dried basil  – 1 tsp

Dried oregano – 1 tsp

Dried thyme – ½ tsp


Curd – 2 tbsp

Water – 2 tbsp

Oil – for frying

Cajun spice – for dusting


Make some gashes on the washed and cleaned chicken. Marinate the chicken with the ingredients for a minimum of one hour to a maximum of 8 hours. The more time you allow it to marinate, the more flavorful your chicken is.

Heat up oil to fry. Whisk your bowl-1 ingredients and keep it aside. Mix your curd and water to a buttermilk consistency in bowl-2. You can season it with salt , but keep in mind the chicken marinade and the wet batter has salt in it. Now dip your marinated chicken in bowl-1 ,then into bowl-2 and then back into bowl-1 for a double crust. Fry them to a golden brown. Drain on paper towels to soak up the excess oil and dust it with cajun spice while hot. Serve hot.

Note : Be very careful with the salt in this dish. Cajun spice might already have salt so adjust the salt in the marination and batter accordingly.

If you don’t have buttermilk/curd for some reason, you can use whipped up egg whites or just egg for coating. I used the buttermilk as it makes the meat soft and juicy.



Chilli Chicken



I actually thought of a big grand first post and recipe. I had it even drafted but I dint have any photos for it. I wanted to so badly  start the blog off so I figured ok ,make a new dish and click the pictures. I made this recipe recently, yesterday to be exact, clicked the pictures and ta…..da my first post. You have to excuse my pictures. I am just still figuring photography and I hope to get there some day. Ok on to the recipe, I learnt this recipe from my mom,she from her mom. But the right origin of this recipe are my aunts from Malaysia. They love cooking and share such beautiful recipes time to time. I am not sure if its a chinese or a malaysian dish but for all that it is, its super simple and its yummy.

So the recipe is simple with very few ingredients but I got experimental on it and tweaked it a bit to get it down to this one. For this recipe I used the curry cut chicken. You can easily substitute it with chicken breast as well. I find that sometimes chicken breast used in gravies don’t get any flavor of the masala and will seem like boiled chicken.So a thing I learnt is to tenderize the meat before using it.All you need to do is pound it with a rolling pin or your hand  for a good 5-10 mins, and then cut it into cubes and use it as per your recipe. I have used lemongrass in this recipe which gives a nice earthy flavor to the dish. I recommend using it unless there is no option for you to get it.

Serves : 4-5 people


Chicken – 500 gm washed and cleaned.

Green chilly – 4 numbers cut into halves or quarters

Garlic – 20 cloves ( sliced thinly)

Ginger – 1 inch piece

Garlic – 8 -10 cloves

Lemon grass – 2 stalks

Onion – 1 sliced into ¼ inch thick slices

Dark soy sauce – 4-5  tbsp

Oil- 1.5 tbsp

Green pepper – ½ a cup cubed

Pepper- to taste

Salt- to taste

Method :

Grind ginger, garlic cloves and lemon grass to a paste. Heat oil in a wok and toss in the sliced garlic. Saute it around till it becomes a nice crisp golden brown color. Add in the onions and green chilly and saute this for a 2-3 minutes.Into this add the ginger-garlic-lemongrass paste and saute. Now toss in your chicken and the soy sauce. You can add in a little bit of water to aid the chicken release its juices. Once the chicken is cooked and the water gone, toss in the green pepper. I always like my bell pepper to be crunchy so I toss it to the last so that it imparts its flavor but doesn’t get soggy. Before taking it off the heat, taste and season with salt accordingly. Give a toss and serve. Garnish with freshly crushed pepper. You can serve this along with a bowl of steamed rice, chicken rice or coconut rice. I will share my recipes for chicken rice and coconut rice in another post.

Note: You can also use a mix of dark and light soy sauces. But be advised of the salt content of light soy sauce. Dark soy is what gives this dish the soy flavor and the dark caramelized color.

9/5/2014 update : Thanks Chitra  for pointing out the error.







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