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Easy peasy Christmas wreath



My favourite time of the year! I can easily bet its everyone’s favourite month. The beautiful smells , the twinkling studded lights , those christmas trees with those red and gold, or white or blue ornaments. Oh! And do you know what I love more , the part where I can wish anybody and everybody a Merry Christmas. Something about that small phrase just uplifts my mood. Don’t you feel so?  How can I ever forget wishing you guys ?

Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a joyous one!! 🙂

So this is a christmas wreath I made for my home. Its an easy project, hardly takes around 2 – 3 hours. You can tweak it to your own liking and make it your own. Here is the link to the tutorial I followed.

Yarn christmas wreath

You can use any strong circular base. I have used styrofoam plates. The thicker yarn the better, because it means less number of windings.You can embellish them with bows, flowers, bells,  mistletoe or something innovative to make it your own. I have embellished mine with hand crocheted flowers.

Do comment and let me know what you tried out.

Mason Jar/ Bottle art


So this is the first time I am posting a tutorial. I have tried to post as many pics to get the general idea. Feel free to ask any doubts regarding the same.

I had gone home after a long time and though the vacation was a pleasant break from daily chores, I was missing doing something with my hands. I had to keep them busy. I found an empty bottle and thought of doing some bottle art.

I got inspiration for this bottle art when I had gone vacationing in Langkawi. The island is so beautiful ,serene with the picture-perfect white sand and blue beaches. It is here that I saw for the first time bottle art with custom engravings. I wanted to get myself one but the queue discouraged me. The original art was done with colored sand.

When I found this beautiful looking bottle at home, I thought of this art and researched about the same. The trials with sand are beautiful, but since I couldn’t get sand at the moment, I decided to go for the substitute which others had opted for. Salt! Yes a very cheap option for those of you who have no immediate access to sand . This project looks elegant and doesn’t cost as much.

The best part of this project is that, its something you can easily plan to do with your kids. Its fun for them to play with colours, and they can play around with their layers. It does get messy so you might wanna spread layers of paper over the work area before starting on the project.

Supplies you will need

Bottle/ Mason jar – a nice clean looking one

Salt – depending on the size of bottle you take


Coloured chalks / Food color



Remove all labels off your jar/bottle and clean it. I just soaked the bottle in some hot water for an hour or so till the label could be easily removed or scraped off.

Measure how much salt you will need for your entire project. Envision how many colours/layers you want in your art. Divide the salt accordingly.

Now lets colour the salt. There are two ways to go about this. Lets take a lot at the first method

  1. a) Spread some sheets of paper on your work surface so that it doesn’t get messy. Rub in the chalk into the salt till you got the colour you want.


IMG_9151 2

IMG_9150 2

Now , by slowly funneling the paper containing the coloured salt( as in the fig) dust the salt into the jar. You can dust it into a straight layer or a slope.


Repeat this step of colouring the salt with each color and layering.

Fill till brim and put on the lid.

  1. b) I haven’t tried this method but I found some of the bloggers follow this method. For this put each section of salt in a ziploc bag with a few drops of food colour. Rub the ziploc within your palms till the salt gains the desired colour.

Place a funnel on top of the jar. Slowly sieve the salt into the jar through the funnel in any design you want.

Fill to brim and lid it on.

Your bottle art is ready for your windows or as a centerpiece or to adorn your coffee table. This is one project which finishes quick enough to surprise your family in hardly a day’s time!