Its not very often that you find yourself at a junction confused wondering what to say especially when its all about yourself.  How do you introduce yourself without sounding haughty. So, here it is, I am a jewelry designer at Tania Corinne Collection. The right term to introduce myself would be an entrepreneur but I love the term designer because it makes me feel like I am doing something creatively. My love for cooking and baking was purely coincidental because I believe cooking is in itself an art. I hail from Kerala, South India which purely explains my love for spicy food .I was brought up in Bahrain ,am based in Bangalore, so my food will have its influences especially from Kerala, Mediterranean and Malaysian cuisine . But of course, I will try to get as much as other cuisines closer to you.

Anything which involves the use of my hands to create it, always piques my interest. It easily explains my love for crocheting, stitching, jewelry making and cooking. But as you figure, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so until I started working, all my creativity was limited to drawing or painting and my rare attempts at cooking. Tania Corinne Collection was the result of me accidentally stumbling upon a jewelry workshop. My journey from there was all the result of research and working and sometimes winging it .If you are interested in checking out my collections, give a peek at .

My actual love for cooking and baking came when I saw chefs like Heston, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson cook dishes with finesse and present it like an artwork. I would day dream about creating new dishes and starting my own chain of restaurants . So I am here , doing my wee little bit. I will be sharing recipes, DIY projects, how to decorate your house with your own creations,crochet tutorials,and of course some jewelry making tutorials.

Obviously you aren’t going to figure me out from an “About me”. So lets leave some for the rest of the posts. 🙂


P.S. : If I have adapted my recipe/tutorial from elsewhere due credit will be given.